F pilus

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 [pi´lus] (L.)
1. hair. adj., adj pi´lial.
2. one of the minute filamentous appendages of certain bacteria associated with antigenic properties and sex functions of the cell. Called also fimbria. adj., adj pi´liate.
pi´li cunicula´ti a condition characterized by burrowing hairs.
F pilus in bacterial genetics, a hollow tubular pilus possessed by (male) F+ cells, the carrier of the F plasmid (fertility plasmid). It forms a connection with a (female) F cell in bacterial conjugation to allow the transfer of genetic material.
pi´li incarna´ti a condition characterized by ingrown hairs.
pi´li tor´ti a condition characterized by twisted hairs.
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F pi·lus

a structure responsible for attachment of individual male (F+) to female (F-) bacteria, forming conjugal pairs.
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