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Singing as distinctively as another pioneer, Louis Armstrong, Brown cut his eyeteeth on swing.
Many young aspiring basketball players would give their eyeteeth to slam-dunk basketballs like the pros.
Nothing stirs up wanderlust like discovering that theatres around the nation are presenting work you d give your eyeteeth to see.
Personally, I learned volumes from my experience in the East Village, up to my eyeteeth in it as I was.
(7.) When Angela Oh argued that the commission should look "beyond" the black/white paradigm, John Hope Franklin is reported to have resisted that suggestion by replying that "'[t]his country cut its eyeteeth on racism in the black-white sphere.'" Gregg Zoroya, Beautiful Dreamer, L.A.
Written by "Paul Rudnick"--which everybody knows is Libby Gelman-Waxner's nom de stage and cinema--the film is a modest, graceful, self-effacing comedy, replete with the divine, divine, divine Joan Cusack and Tom Selleck (who's never done anything for me before but here smooches with Kevin Kline and makes my eyeteeth throb with desire).
Only occasionally can you glimpse through the embrasures of an otherwise perfectly polite person to see the cannons aimed out, only in a certain glint of light do the eyeteeth become fangs.
And let's say I return two weeks later with my face in full bloom, my weak chin nicely concealed beneath a healthy growth of soft, light-colored whiskers that any single girl would give her eyeteeth to bury her face in.
As an old budget hand - I cut my eyeteeth in Harry Truman's Budget Bureau - I always worry that proposed tax cuts will not be offset by new expenditure cuts.
One can often see, among the rubble on the streets, underneath burnt cars, or stuck in sewers, cat carcasses, or cat heads with death grins, eyeteeth like miniature daggers.
As historians have pointed out, Know Nothingism organized an incongruous assortment of angry middle-, lower-middle-, and working-class folk who cut their eyeteeth on a bewildering array of issues.