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A body sample (e.g., a spot of blood or strand of hair) that is believed by the practitioners of radionics to be able to transmit vibrational energies from its owner.
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Choice in dying A person who is not a spouse or blood relative of a dying Pt; employees of health care facilities, who act in good faith, can act as witnesses with regard to end-of-life decisions Forensic medicine
1. A person who has seen an act.
2. A person qualified by education and/or experience to testify as to a thing. See Expert witness, Physician expert witness.
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A. How old are you now?
What are your interests?
Are you sure the problem getting a job is your speech and not the way to dress or present yourself?
What other jobs have you held in the past and what happened to them?
I can think of a few places I have run into people with speech problems, such as the cable man or a waitress at a local restaurant. Consider asking a speech therapist what kinds of jobs other people with your particular problem hold.

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When they were going to extinguish fire on the roof, they found Zubair and five others in the canteen while intoxicated, the suspects tried to stop them along with other 20/25 fellows but failed, said the eye-witness.
They also collected forensic evidence from the crime scene and recorded the statements of the eye-witnesses. Police claimed that they were searching for the suspects.
An eye-witness, Miss Esther Godspower, who's a student of the Delta State Polytechnic, Otefe-Oghara, who just returned from school to help her mum in her hair making business, said that the fire started at exactly 5:25p.m.
Eye-witnesses say around 20 emergency services were on the bridge with harnesses to help bring a woman to safety.
Another eye-witness, Katie Allan, from Walker, said: "I first heard sirens about 45 minutes ago, but I thought nothing of it.
For a moment, Castle thinks that he has got the eye-witness, but soon realises that the kid is describing a shooting scene that he saw on television.
An eye-witnesses who saw the body lying in a gory state told XPRESS on Wednesday: "There was blood all over.
Mr Cundall, who has already tracked down and excavated several Spitfires, Hurricanes, and even a Lancaster Bomber, all of which crashed in the Second World War, revealed eight eye-witnesses had separately told the same story about the location of the buried craft.
Eye-witnesses said that Hezbollah's plan to install cameras came less than a week after a violent clash with the supporters of Sheikh Ahmad Assir and on the eve of the annual Ashoura commemorations which mark the death of Imam Hussein, Prophet Mohammad's grandson.
According to an eye-witness the bus was headed to Dhaula Kuan when the passengers in the bus suspected smoke in the engine of the bus following which they raised alarm.
AN eye-witness to Britain's biggest gems heist yesterday revealed the terrifying moment he stared into the eyes of one of the armed raiders.