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a person who is present and can testify that he or she has personally observed an event, such as the signing of a will or consent form.


A body sample (e.g., a spot of blood or strand of hair) that is believed by the practitioners of radionics to be able to transmit vibrational energies from its owner.


Choice in dying A person who is not a spouse or blood relative of a dying Pt; employees of health care facilities, who act in good faith, can act as witnesses with regard to end-of-life decisions Forensic medicine
1. A person who has seen an act.
2. A person qualified by education and/or experience to testify as to a thing. See Expert witness, Physician expert witness.


n one who has knowledge of an event; a person whose declaration under oath is received as evidence for any purpose.
witness, expert,
n a person whose education, training, and experience can provide the court with an assessment, opinion, or judgment within the area of his or her competence, which is not considered known or available to the general public.
witness, hostile,
n witness who manifests so much hostility or prejudice under examination (in chief or direct) that the party who has called the witness is allowed to cross-examine the witness (i.e., to treat him or her as though he or she had been called by the opposite party).
witness, lay,
n a witness who testifies only to firsthand knowledge of facts before judge and jury, different from an expert witness in that the witness is not allowed to testify to theories or hypothesize based on education or expertise.
witness marks,
n.pl the small hemispheric depressions that may be prepared in the bone surface in lieu of abutment grooves as a guide for seating the abutment posts of the implant.

Patient discussion about witness


A. How old are you now?
What are your interests?
Are you sure the problem getting a job is your speech and not the way to dress or present yourself?
What other jobs have you held in the past and what happened to them?
I can think of a few places I have run into people with speech problems, such as the cable man or a waitress at a local restaurant. Consider asking a speech therapist what kinds of jobs other people with your particular problem hold.

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A Pleasant Tomorrow" by Eye Witness is available at gigs and http://eyewitness.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (Port division) Mehboob Rehman, said, "though for the police it's a open and shut case since Alam has confessed to the crime and there are numerous eye witness accounts.
The security guards chased him and threw him to the floor and overpowered him," the eye witness said.
More Pakistanis who saw the hilal did not break their fast including the prime eye witness Mohammad Hussain and his family for the fear of committing sin.
Prosecuting, Katrin Davies said an eye witness had seen the defendant in the driving seat of a Ford Orion that had skidded into bollards.
In The Pink on Saturday we continue our super new Eye Witness series looking back at major events in Newcastle United's recent history.
Another eye witness thought the car's throttle had stuck, saying: "I heard the engine screeching like mad.
Petruzzi was an eye witness to every major battle from the landings at Salerno, to Cassino, the Anzio beachhead, and the final offensive.
amp;nbsp;an eye witness told Cadena Ser radio, according to the British National Press.
audit and data integrity -- circumstances and events, so that they can be compared with eye witness accounts; -- discrepancies with conflicting witness statements; -- the events which have taken place and in chronological order; -- areas where vital information may be missing; and -- complex links in the case data in order to analyse and explore possible relationships either by association, time or a combination of both.
Hewitt already seems likely to be dropped for Saturday's Second Test here after an eye witness reported that he caught Cockerill with "the best five-punch combination I have ever seen".
An eye witness said that incident occurred due to over speeding.