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The most severe of all winter storms
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The updated coastal flood model for Great Britain will now be incorporated into the AIR Extratropical Cyclone Model for Europe to provide a more comprehensive and consistent view of the overall risk.
The AIR Inland Flood Model for Central Europe and the AIR Extratropical Cyclone Model for Europe are currently available in the Touchstone(R), Touchstone Re(TM), and CATRADER(R) catastrophe risk management systems.
Including storm surge in the United Kingdom as a new sub-peril in the AIR Extratropical Cyclone Model for Europe enables the model to realistically account for the link between intense storm systems and the associated coastal surge effects they generate.
The storm then trekked swiftly northward, weakening as it passed by Cape Cod and Nantucket before transitioning into an extratropical cyclone and coming ashore at Meteghan on July 5.
This study will focus on the spatial distribution characteristics of the water level fluctuations and the hydrodynamic response on the storm surge simulation of the local coastline geometry in the Bohai Sea induced by extratropical cyclone.
Just as the violent extratropical cyclone was about to besiege Britain, Fish announced: "Well, if you're watching, don't worry, there isn't (a hurricane)!".
Typhoon Wipha, which stayed offshore in the Pacific before scaling back into an extratropical cyclone at 3 p.m., caused mudslides on Izu Oshima Island, leaving 16 people dead and 42 others missing, according to local authorities and the Japan Meteorological Agency.
The typhoon is expected to be downgraded to an extratropical cyclone on Wednesday afternoon in the Pacific Ocean East of the Tohoku region, said the JMA.
The agency added the 19th typhoon of the season will become an extratropical cyclone Friday over the waters east of Japan.
The extratropical cyclone in Sao Paulo caused power failures in various parts of the state and has been attributed to AES Eletropaulo's lack of investments in distribution infrastructure.
The addition of storm track information to the location of surface lows was touched on in several studies (Alt, 1978, 1979, 1987; Alt and Bourgeois, 1995) that examined summer ice cap mass balances within the Archipelago in relation to extratropical cyclone location and migration.
The typhoon has an atmospheric pressure of 970 hectopascals at its center, where the maximum wind speed was up to 108 kph, the agency said, adding it is expected to turn into an extratropical cyclone sometime on Thursday.