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Social medicine A prolonged sexual liaison, usually understood to mean one in which one or both partners are committing adultery.
Workplace As commonly used, a compromise of public trust, significant ethical breach or other wrongdoing or series of wrongdoings, which may lead to civil litigation or criminal proceedings.


Sexology A long-term sexual liaison, usually understood to mean one in which one or both partners are committing adultery Vox populi As commonly used, a major whoops–faux pas, boo-boo, etc between 2 or more people. See Baltimore affair, Burt affair, Cantekin affair, Cleveland affair, Slutsky affair, Swine influenza vaccine affair.
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And she claimed the car was parked in a local lay-by known as a gathering place for people indulging in extra-marital affairs.
New Delhi [India], March 7 ( ANI ): Indian fast bowler Mohammed Shami has rejected the reports of his extra-marital affair, saying that someone is conspiring against him to ruin his career.
A BISHOP who refused to leave his vicarage after being sacked for an extra-marital affair has been ordered out by a High Court judge Dr Michael Reid, 69, campaigned for "traditional values" but cheated on wife of 30 years Ruth with a member of his congregation, mum-of-two Sheila Graziano.
A CONSERVATIVE general election candidate last night avoided being deselected because of a row about an extra-marital affair.
London, March 21 ( ANI ): A shocking new survey has suggested that having an extra-marital affair could be just the thing to boost your mood and improve your marriage.
Tickets for his talk "How The Law Holds Together a Civil Society", have been a sell-out in the week after Liverpool-born Lord Goldsmith admitted having an extra-marital affair.
Welsh Office minister Rod Richards, who quit in 1996 after an extra-marital affair, said: "The person I condemn is that bitch Edwina Currie.
In the first extract of her diaries published by a national newspaper, the Liverpudlian ex-minister discloses that her relationship with Mr Major was not her first extra-marital affair.
Washington, Jan 10 ( ANI ): Marilyn Monroe's album, called the "Lost Scrapbook" may reveal secrets of an extra-marital affair with photographer Sam Shaw.
With his seeming determination to make the government as unpopular as possible - capped by the outrageous decision to effectively reward John Prescott for having an extra-marital affair - he is obviously doing his utmost to make sure Labour loses the next election.
SIR - As a member of the so-called 'working class' and an old-age pensioner, I take exception to the snobbish comment about John Prescott's 'working class' background in relation to his extra-marital affair with his 'diary secretary' (Even his fidelities are old-fashioned, Lowri Turner, April 28).
The insider said that Jenner has been trying to calm her down, but Khloe seems to know that Lamar has indeed had an extra-marital affair.

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