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acting internship

A clinical rotation undertaken in a specific area of medicine—e.g., cardiology, infectious disease, emergency medicine—by a 4th-year medical student, which often indicates the student’s specialty interest.
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Acting internship, see there.
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(eks'tern?) [L. externus, outside]
A nonresident physician or medical student who assists in the medical and surgical care of patients. externship
See: intern
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More than half of the candidates who complete a Northwell externship are ultimately hired as nurses, according to the healthcare system.
The externships will be managed through a Smith partnership with the Maryland Department of Commerce.
Students will focus on a case study at the company, and when the semester ends they'll have an opportunity to complete an externship that will function like a lab for the course.
In a survey of hiring partners and law firm associates, 95% believe that recently graduated students lack key practical skills at the time of hiring but that those skills could be effectively honed through law clinics and externships. (22) In the After the J.D.
Instead, many students had to find their own externships, delaying the completion of their program and their ability to work,'' the release states.
Most recently, this summer, I spent two weeks in Ethiopia evaluating the Ethiopian law externship program.
The findings suggest that the summer geriatric externship program is effective in developing interest in a geriatric nursing career and providing exposure to nursing research and other aspects of the faculty role.
There are several summer externship programs for teachers, such as the two-week program offered by the Houston A+ Challenge.
Once completed this handbook will be utilized through the curriculum, and our goal is that this will help our students develop a more sophisticated understanding of and ability to engage in Catholic integration both within our program, in externships, and in their careers.
Students are alerted to opportunities outside of class such as the summer clerkship, advocacy programs, externships and clinics, teaching and research assistant opportunities, and student organizations.