external audit

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ex·ter·nal au·dit

(eks-tĕr'năl aw'dit)
A verification of health care records by someone outside the organization to be sure that the health care facility is maintaining professional standards.
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According to Reuters, the nation has made it obligatory for Islamic banks to subject their business to independent, external audits.
High economic development in the country results in advanced infrastructure that assists both listed companies and the audit firms to perform external audits effectively and efficiently.
TD-BCN 15-003-A: Four external audits, each an annuity of intervention for the "food security and means of life populations of Gorgol, Trarza there Brakhna" developed in Mauritania and there driven by Oxfam
But the cause of the discrepancy - and any role the city's elected officials may have had its creation - will not be clear until the completion of the external audits.
The increased capability and scope of internal audit work has enabled external auditors to rely increasingly on internal audit's work in conducting the external audits.
External audits are designed to provide peace-of-mind to key company stakeholders not involved in the company's day-to-day operation.
Customizing reports with Entegra for internal and external audits is simplified because the Entegra Report Server is based on Crystal Enterprise[TM], which is shipped with Entegra for Oracle to support reporting.
The final regulations are more beneficial to QIs than the October 2001 proposed rules, subjecting fewer QIs to external audits.
The results provide support for internal audit outsourcing if there is a requirement that CPA firm engagement teams providing internal and external audits remain distinctly separated.
Results showed that financial analysts were wary of auditor independence when the same CPA firm performed both internal and external audits, but only if there was no separation of the two audit statics.
Rather, it is an assessment of whether statutory and regulatory requirements for external audits and audit committees are met, whether the bank's board has implemented an appropriate external audit program, and whether a bank's board effectively oversees the external audit program.
The September 1999 FFIEC Interagency Policy Statement on the External Audits of Banks with Less Than $500 Million in Total Assets.

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