extensor digitorum longus

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extensor digitorum longus

a penniform muscle located at the lateral part of the anterior leg. It is one of four anterior crural muscles. It extends the proximal phalanges of the four small toes and dorsiflexes the foot.

extensor digitorum longus

; EDL extrinsic foot muscle, within anterior muscle compartment of lower leg
  • origin upper three-quarters of medial surface of fibula, forming a long tendon

  • insertion tendon runs down anterior aspect of lower leg, deep to and lateral of tibialis anterior; divides into four slips at anterior aspect of ankle which pass on to dorsum of foot deep to extensor retinaculum; at metatarsophalangeal joints (MTPJs), slips form dorsal (or extensor) expansions (i.e. fibrous thickenings of dorsal aspects of lesser MTPJs capsules) and extend to either side of MTPJs to the deep transverse ligament; central parts of dorsal expansions pass distally to dorsal surfaces of proximal phalanges (receiving tendon slip of extensor digitorum brevis at lateral sides [second to fourth toes only]) to insert into bases of medial phalanges; lateral and medial parts of dorsal expansions pass distally and plantarly to insert into plantar aspects of bases of distal phalanges

  • nerve supply deep peroneal nerve

  • action extension of lesser toes of interphalangeal joints and MTPJs; dorsiflexion of ankle joint; act with peroneal muscles to evert the foot

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