extensor digitorum longus muscle

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ex·ten·sor di·gi·to·rum lon·gus mus·cle

(eks-ten'sŏr dij-i-tō'rŭm long'gus mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, lateral condyle of tibia, upper two thirds of anterior margin of fibula; insertion, by four tendons to the dorsal surfaces of the bases of the proximal, middle, and distal phalanges of the second to fifth toes; action, extends the four lateral toes; nerve supply, deep branch of peroneal.
Synonym(s): musculus extensor digitorum longus [TA] , long extensor muscle of toes.

extensor digitorum longus muscle

Foot muscle. Origin: lateral condyle of tibia, upper three-fourths of fibula. Insertion: extensor tendons of toes 2-5. Nerve: deep peroneal (L5-S1). Action: extends toes, dorsiflexes foot.
See: leg for illus. (Muscles of the leg)
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Conditions for enzymatic dissociation of different adult mice muscles (a) Muscle Collagenase Temperature Time Observations concentration ([degrees]C) (min) (mg/mL) Soleus 2.5 36.6 54-57 Should be longitudinally divided for increased collagenase action EDL (b) 2.5 36.6 52-57 Should be longitudinally divided for increased collagenase action FDB (c) 3 36.4-36.6 59-61 (a) For all experiments, type II collagenase with an activity of 250 u/mg was used; (b) extensor digitorum longus; (c) flexor digitorum brevis Table 2.
Tuberosidad lateral: Insercion de ligamentos interoseos laterales y fibras de Ligamentos colaterales y Tendon del Extensor Hallucis Longus y Extensor Digitorum Longus. 6.
The flexor and extensor tendons of both fingers were approximated to the corresponding flexor digitorum longus and extensor digitorum longus with interlacing suture.
We used 2 muscles from rat: soleus (which has a greater proportion of type I fibers, oxidative) and extensor digitorum longus (EDL, which has a greater proportion of type II fibers, glycolytic).
Soleus and extensor digitorum longus (EDL) muscles were removed intact and fixed in organ bath system containing Krebs Ringer buffer solution and connected to data acquisition unit (iWorx) to study their contractile parameters.
The anterior compartment has 4 muscles: the extensor digitorum longus, extensor hallucis longus, peroneus tertius and tibialis anterior.
They discovered that the mice that had been on consistent nitrate had much stronger muscles, the greatest effect being observed in the extensor digitorum longus muscle, which extends down the tibia, and the flexor digitorum brevis muscle of the foot.
Myosin heavy chain isoform composition and Ca2+ transients in fibre from enzymatically dissociated murine soleus and extensor digitorum longus muscles.
Currently, autologous donor tendons include the palmaris longus, plantaris, extensor indicis proprius, extensor digiti minimi, flexor digitorum superficialis, and extensor digitorum longus tendons [11-12].
Two transverse incisions were made on the dorsum of the foot over the extensor hallucis longus and extensor digitorum longus tendon to attach the lateral and the medial slip respectively.
Peroneus tertius, sometimes thought of as an offshoot of extensor digitorum longus, also should be considered an assistor of dorsiflexion, (27) though it is absent in (10.) 5% of individuals.
Ultrasound examination revealed more expressed changes in the extensor digitorum longus during lengthening of the congenitally shortened tibia, which was evident by a greater reduction in its thickness and increased echodensity (p < 0.05).

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