exponential growth

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log·a·rith·mic phase

exponential, a period in the course of growth of a bacterial culture in which maximal multiplication is occurring by geometric progression; thus, if the logarithms of their numbers are plotted against time, they will form a straight upward line.
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Since 2004, it has managed to dispel the myth that going green' costs more money by exponentially increasing its annual revenues.
The one certainty is that for the people on this planet to survive we must find ways of exponentially increasing the amount of electrical power we generate - in perpetuity.
By adding new participants to your program, you are exponentially increasing the amount of recyclables collected.
With the exponentially increasing volume of business information, the use of intelligently mirrored SATA storage solutions can bring a cost-effective answer to address the enterprise-level needs of a wide range of businesses.
Learning is exponentially increasing, he says, due to information technology and the appetite for biotechnology in large pharmaceutical companies.
The equations of motion of the object are developed using two models; 1) assuming a uniform earth density, 2) assuming an exponentially increasing earth density as you proceed from the surface towards the center of the earth.
Clearly, the rapid growth and deployment of the technology that permits -- no, fosters -- communication across social boundaries are chiefly responsible for the exponentially increasing demand for broader arrays of information packaged to permit ready access and immediate use.
These feedblock modules subdivide and recombine the melt streams in exponentially increasing numbers of layers.
Canberra, Nov 3 (ANI): The Fraud Squad of the New South Wales Police Force has been re-launched as the Fraud and Cybercrime Squad, in a bid to tackle exponentially increasing cyber crime in Australia in a more effective manner.