exponential distribution

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ex·po·nen·tial dis·tri·bu·tion

the time until failure of a process at constant hazard.
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When N is sufficiently large, the maximum value of an exponential random variable, [max.sub.n]{[[absolute value of ([h.sub.rmn])].sup.2]}, scales as lnN with high probability [9].
Because [U.sub.1] is an exponential random variable with E {[U.sub.1]} = [[lambda].sub.1], the probability density function (p.d.f.) and the c.d.f.
realizations of standard exponential random variable vector z in (7) are generated numerically, while the eigenvalue estimates are calculated using both estimators with N measured channel samples from the set of {10, 20, 50} out of the 600 samples.
This is because the mean of each exponential random variable, modelling the jumps, is the reciprocal of its parameter.
Theorem 1: Let X and Y be independent and identically distributed exponential random variables with parameter [beta].
exponential random variables with mean 1 as hyperedge costs.
Bayesian Interval Estimate: When 1 , , n X X K are independent and identically distributed exponential random variables, Kapur and Lamberson (1977) showed
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