exponential distribution

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ex·po·nen·tial dis·tri·bu·tion

the time until failure of a process at constant hazard.
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We consider the following classic statistical distributions Poisson distribution, Exponential distribution and Uniform distribution.
In this paper, we discuss one specific SN which has the feature of node growth time interval follows exponential distribution. As depicted in Fig.1(a), it shows the social construction for SN.
Table 2 Economic Parameters Parameters Values Definition [alpha] 0.66 Curvature profit function [[sigma].sub.mrn] 0.0324 Measurement error [pi] 0.0015 Payroll tax above n [lambda] 3.6829 Exponential distribution Table 3 Moments Data Model Standard deviation [DELTA]logn 0.1561 0.1561 Power law coefficent 2.2522 2.2522 Density of firms in each bin 40-46 0.0718 0.0666 47-49 0.0790 0.0783 50-52 0.0307 0.0341 53-59 0.0240 0.0281 Table 4 Policy Experiments Experiment Gains (%) Benchmark 0.30 Apply regulation to all firms -2.50 Apply regulation to firms above 75 employees 0.06 NOTE: Gains are relative to the scenario when the regulation is applied to firms with more than 50 employees.
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This distribution comprises the Rayleigh and the exponential distributions as superior cases.
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A large number of CT and SEM experiments show that the number of pores satisfies an approximate uniform distribution along the circumference, and the pore space and pore size are in normal distribution and exponential distribution [18-20].
Figure 3 plots the normalized betweenness centrality distribution and its probability density function of exponential distribution approximation with the same scenarios as node degree.
Moreover, we also assume that the jump size follows an Exponential distribution in order to make some comparisons and analyze the role of the jump size distribution.
A simple case is the double exponential jump diffusion process whose first-passage time problem has been solved by Kou and Wang (2003) [26] by means of the conditional memory less of exponential distribution. The property keeping the double exponential jump diffusion form unchanged under the measure transform will be proved below.