Explosive Diarrhoea

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Diarrhoea which offends all of the senses: it is malodorous, loose, and released rapidly often to sputtering
Aetiology Malabsorption, inflammatory bowel disease, hot peppers, Mexican food, etc.
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In the test of Alizyme's ATL-962, 90% of 372 clinically obese patients who took the drug over a three-month period experienced significant weight reduction with dramatically lower incidence of such side effects as incontinence and explosive diarrhea.
Slurred speech, irritability, explosive diarrhea, confusion, twitching toes and fingers, nausea and vomiting indicate more advanced symptoms.
Moreau remake, who creates mutant animals with four butts; an epidemic of explosive diarrhea; and enough farting to make Howard Stem proud.
And the emotional issues at play--the intense stress that a sudden hospitalization put on the family, the abrupt change in routine, and long periods of being crated home alone--could very well have triggered the explosive diarrhea that Kaos experienced.
Rick Perry's debate flub 'the Dope Diamond.' That's right before he unleashed team coverage of the governor's 'brain explosive diarrhea' - and the unintended consequences for excited 'newsmen.'" - Video: Daily Show Dubs Perry's "Oops" Moment the "Dope Diamond"
Exhausting, explosive diarrhea with abdominal cramping and rumbling.
cayetanensis infection is mostly characterized by a gradual onset of watery diarrhea, sometimes with explosive diarrhea, nausea, and abdominal cramping.
Three days before admission, the patient experienced explosive diarrhea and feculent drainage through her PEG tube without associated fever, nausea, vomiting, or other systemic symptoms.