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The practice of expanding into individual units a group of diagnostic or procedural test codes—based on the 4th edition of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) coding promulgated by the American Medical Association—that might have been previously included as a ‘panel’, to maximise reimbursement from third party payers
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The Field Studies Center in Borneo also found fifteen other previously discovered exploding ant species in the vicinity, and they used those species for comparison with the new population.
So far, scientists have catalogued 15 ant species that fit into the exploding ant group based on the survey, including the newly discovered C.
We all contribute to both bands but Exploding Eyes is more the work and vision of myself and Al while SOnance is Brian's baby.
That exploding star is in one of the many galaxies of the Virgo constellation.
Eleven crews of more than 40 firefighters from Barry, Penarth and Cardiff set up a 150m cordon and battled to cool the surrounding cannisters and prevent them exploding.
What exactly are we to make of Cai's imaginary explosions in Times Square or his parallel between exploding cars and tigers on the run?
FIREFIGHTERS had to cool down a steel storage container to prevent gas cylinders exploding during a fire in Nuneaton.
Varmints might turn your stomach with its graphic imagery of exploding prairie dogs, but it's a balanced treatment, letting its interview subjects either elucidate or hang themselves.
Parents' Alert Exploding Eggs Using microwave ovens to heat certain foods may be dangerous.
Exploding wires are listed as a possible factor in the crash of a navy jet in 1986 and in at least a dozen other cases in which military aircraft have faced a power loss or fire but managed to land safely.
While the battery issues were related to battery drainage and the phone shutting down, Apple might have a more serious problem at hand - iPhones are exploding all over the place.
He was only woken by the loud bang of his phone exploding in the heat.