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The practice of expanding into individual units a group of diagnostic or procedural test codes—based on the 4th edition of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) coding promulgated by the American Medical Association—that might have been previously included as a ‘panel’, to maximise reimbursement from third party payers
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SOnance HOtel would be more indie/experimental while Exploding Eyes is more garage, psych rock stuff.
Every exploding star observed allows astronomers to more precisely calibrate the increasing speed at which our universe is expanding," Ferrante said.
Actually, Harvard wouldn't let us play because our name was the Exploding Hearts.
6, reports of exploding iPhones surfaced in China, causing the state-run (http://www.
He was only woken by the loud bang of his phone exploding in the heat.
Although they can't fully explain why a star blows up, astronomers thought that they had accurately determined the maximum mass that a star could have before exploding as a connnon type of supernova.
Surprisingly, exploding marine-mammal carcasses are relatively common, according to biologist Tom Pitchford of the Florida Marine Research Institute.
On Tuesday, a Chinese consumer watchdog refuted the claim, saying it had received complaints of iPhones exploding and catching fire.
Before exploding, these stars, then known as Wolf-Rayet stars, have lost their outer atmosphere and slimmed down to a mere 10 to 20 times the mass of the sun.
EXPLODING microwaved eggs are causing a series of injuries, doctors said yesterday.