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An irregularly weighted hollow-tipped bullet that tumbles on entry into the body, causing massive tissue destruction, by adding a rotational component to its trajectory
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He added: "The possession of expanding ammunition, complete with the firearm, is extremely serious, particularly bearing in mind the purpose for which you were storing them, namely criminals involved in the drugs trade.
Charlton pleaded guilty to two offences of selling a prohibited firearm, selling expanding ammunition and possessing ammunition without a certificate.
Most of the shooting data involving AR-style rifles loaded with modern expanding ammunition comes from law enforcement sources.
In August at Liverpool Crown Court, he was jailed for a further five years, the mandatory minimum term, after he admitted possessing a prohibited weapon, expanding ammunition and having ammunition without a certificate.
22 expanding ammunition which is particularly deadly and designed to cause horrific wounds.
The unfired cartridge, an expanding ammunition which is prohibited, was found amongst his personal property at the police station.
But when police searched the home of Keith and Ellen with regard to another matter, they found items including an air rifle, gun cartridges and expanding ammunition.
30 calibre expanding ammunition - sometimes called "dum dum" bullets and used in hunting because they break up on impact, causing horrendous injuries.
Pattison admitted possessing expanding ammunition, and possessing ammunition without a firearm certificate.
Paul Short, 45, admitted possessing ammunition for a shotgun when prohibited to do so for five years, possessing cannabis resin and possession of expanding ammunition.
My FAC also lists how much ammunition I can buy at any time and how much I can hold in total, with expanding ammunition listed as a special item.
Samuel Bailey-Ewen (24) of the same address has pleaded not guilty to three charges of possessing a firearm, possessing an air powered revolver and possessing expanding ammunition.