Siegmund, Austrian physiologist, 1846-1926. See: Call-Exner bodies, Exner plexus.
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She has experience in both the private and public sectors having been appointed Director to the VicTrack Board in 2015, and currently serving as the Managing Director of engineering consulting firm Exner Group.
And in retirement, Kennedy would've seen several birds come home to roost, such as his alleged affair with Judith Exner, the mistress of gangster Sam Giancana.
Functional Analysis and Operator Theory for Quantum Physics: The Pavel Exner Anniversary Volume
Exner (2004) was among those who also spoke of the notion of "pop" Rilke calling him the most readable author of all times and the most famous and cited German author world-wide.
Exner (2012) shows that libraries can be a perfect venue for programming by hosting teen clubs, movie showings, or even more ambitious events such as festivals and conventions for enthusiasts.
Profiling the suspect this way, MH370's captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah is therefore innocent, Exner who is independently investigating MH370 concludes.
It's a whole lot of stuff that is not very important to know,'' said Michael Exner, a satellite engineer who has been intensively researching the calculations.
Michael Exner, a satellite engineer said that a lot of information was not imperative as just a few pages contained substantial matter and the rest was just 'noise', and it doesn't contribute any added value to their understanding.
Exner was both a physiologist and a psychologist, an unusual combination more common among the doctors of his day.
Previous bishops and archbishops include Philip Francis Pocock (later archbishop of Toronto), George Bernard Flahiff (later Cardinal of Winnipeg), and Adam Joseph Exner (later Archbishop of Vancouver).
I had had enough of Oliver Stone's LBJ-CIA movie conspiracy theories, of Jackie and Bobby's extreme efforts to control writers like Theodore White and William Manchester, who wanted to please them and write history at the same time, my own column revelations about JFK and his girlfriend Judith Exner, the congressional hearings that skirted J.