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(eks'i-tŭs), The plural of this word is exitus, not exiti.
An exit or outlet; death.
[L. fr. ex-eo, pp. -itus, to go out]
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In our study, two exitus patients were compatible with Faucher's study and had diabetes, hypertension, and cardiopulmonary diseases.
Penarth-based company Exitus Escape Rooms Limited, in a planning statement, said: "The purpose of escape rooms is for entertainment; groups of two to six people will enter a room and attempt to solve puzzles to find the way out the room.
In a study conducted by Constantindes (4), tracheostomy, and gastrostomy tube were inserted immediately after recognizing the absence of the epiglottis, but exitus occurred after a few weeks due to tracheostomy obstruction.
His description of a hanging--"the exitus of a gentleman of color"--is at once flat and clinical yet stark and repugnant, and a far more effective witness against capital punishment than the bleatings of a chorus of uplifters.
Clinical course of CCHF in pregnancy from Turkey Pregnancy Mother Baby Baby week outcome outcome infection 38 Survival Exitus + Ergonul et al.
Medical records of the patients were detected for age, gender, vital signs, complaints accompanying abdominal pain (nausea-vomiting, loss of appetite, constipation, intestinal gas extraction inability, diarrhea, dysuria, jaundice), comorbidities, duration of abdominal pain, length of ED stay (0-6, 6-12, 12-24 and over 24 hours), prediagnosis in the ED, consultations required (internal medicine, general surgery, urology, gynecology, etc.), wards that the patients were admitted to (ED, internal medicine, general surgery, intensive care, etc.), length of stay (LOS) of the patients in the hospital (1 day, 1-4 days, 4-10 days, more than 10 days), choice of treatment (medical, surgical), and outcomes (recovery, vegetative stage, exitus).
The newborn had two brothers who died in the neonatal period: a male (33 weeks), with bilateral clubfoot and exitus in the fourth day of life for respiratory failure, a female (33 weeks), without malformations but with exitus after 4 hours of birth.
It was determined that 22 (37.8%) of the 73 patients monitored by the cardiovascular surgery department of our faculty were exitus.
In 45 cases with BCAC, 8% had cervical lymph node metastases, 4% had distant metastases, and 2% resulted in exitus as reported by Muller et al.