Compulsive Exercising

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A disorder seen in competitive athletics, in which excess exercise is used for weight loss, often associated with anorexia nervosa
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I had exercise bulimia, which meant I wouldn't eat regularly--and when I did eat, I'd run to the gym and work out until I was exhausted and in pain.
It is difficult to find new territory within the genre of memoirs about eating disorders, but this story of descent into exercise bulimia and the long, slow road to recovery is fresh and full of insights about health, beauty, family and growing up.
Her struggle with exercise bulimia charts a rapidly growing eating disorder and follows a six-year ordeal.
The thing about anorexia and exercise bulimia, which I had no idea I had, is that it keeps you from growing up.
Males are less likely to starve themselves to death; instead, many exercise excessively to get rid of the calories they ate a condition known as exercise bulimia, which is also becoming very common in girls.