exercise-induced amenorrhea

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exercise-induced a·men·or·rhe·a

temporary cessation of menstrual function due to strenuous daily exercise, as in jogging, increased endorphins and other neuropeptides inhibiting hypothalamic function.
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Menstrual dysfunction in female long-distance runners, which may be accompanied by osteopenia, osteoporosis, hypo-oestrogenic amenorrhoea
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exercise-induced amenorrhea

Exercise-associated amenorrhea Menstrual dysfunction in ♀ long-distance runners which may be accompanied by osteopenia, osteoporosis, hypoestrogenic amenorrhea. See Running.
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ex·er·cise-in·duced a·men·or·rhe·a

(eksĕr-sīz-in-dūst ă-menōr-rēă)
Temporary cessation of menstrual discharge due to overly rigorous exercise regimens.
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