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executive information system



Software that extracts crucial data about the operations of a health care enterprise, e.g., patient volume, patient flow, patient satisfaction, morbidity, mortality, targeted objectives, costs, and inventories.
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KEYWORDS: Executive Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Management Information Systems, EIS structure, decision making
If you add in all the new trendy terminology such as business process management, data mining, data warehousing, business process automation, decision support systems, query and reporting systems, enterprise performance management, executive information systems, business activity monitoring, modeling and visualization, and so forth, your head can start spinning.
Production systems as executive information systems that will monitor the performance of the plant area.
* Data collection and IT systems that deliver information to different levels in the organisation - eg, transaction processing, decision support and executive information systems.
Many of these problems can be clarified by using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCMs) in Executive Information Systems (EIS) applications.
Dashboards--in the form of executive information systems (EIS)--go back around 15 years; most early versions focused on financial performance.
To facilitate the proper use of this single-screen method of displaying vital data, an Information Technology expert introduces dashboards as a new incarnation of the Executive Information Systems (EISs) of the 1980s.
Larsen serves as a public affairs officer with the Program Executive Office for Executive Information Systems at Fort Monmouth, N.J.
Also known as executive information systems, portal technology is a means by which business activities, processes, and information are accessed and presented based on the user's role and responsibility.
Comshare - which for years has sold financial business intelligence tools in the guise of executive information systems, decision support systems, online analytical processing systems, and analytic applications - has recently revamped its product line as a business performance management suite - the new black of data analysis.

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