Zone of Alienation

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A 30-km, uninhabited—except by squatters—zone around the site of the Chernobyl disaster which includes the northern districts of the Kiev and Zhytomyr provinces of Ukraine, and part of Belarus
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The software has been prepared as part of the project Assessment of Environmental Risks in the Exclusion Zone along the Ukrainian and Belarusian Borders , which is implemented by the Office of the Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities.
Our exclusion zone technology and service ensures that lines of communication between fleet managers and drivers remain open and that standards and expectations are clear and being met.
Support vessels provided by the Royal Navy and the emergency services will be present "to indicate the limits of the exclusion zones and collect evidence of any vessels attempting to navigate within these zones.
This is a critical step for developers to perform at an early stage to ensure that a piece of real estate will be able to meet the exclusion zone requirements of 49 CFR, Part 193 before significant engineering design and capital have been invested.
Last year, with a council majority opposed to keeping the exclusion zone on the books much longer, the council changed the ordinance so only people who are accused of serious crimes can be banned from the city center.
Because Barry Island is a designated alcohol exclusion zone and a family resort, officers have been working in partnership with British Transport Police to confiscate alcohol from anyone found to be in possession of it.
And Glasgow City Council's trading standards and licensing departments agreed the exclusion zone with the Olympic Development Authority.
On entry into the exclusion zone, bins will be provided to dispose of any alcohol.
Yukio Edano, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary, said that five towns outside the existing 12 mile exclusion zone had been designated as a "fixed evacuation zone" because of radiation risks.
Today, Pripyat and Chornobyl are two towns closest to the reactor, and, previously, home to more than 60,000 residents, have been included in the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant exclusion zone - 30 km/19 mi area around the site of the reactor, administered by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine.
At North Shields County Court yesterday, he admitted being in the exclusion zone but denied threatening the officers.