Zone of Alienation

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A 30-km, uninhabited—except by squatters—zone around the site of the Chernobyl disaster which includes the northern districts of the Kiev and Zhytomyr provinces of Ukraine, and part of Belarus
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We contacted Cawarden Co Ltd to get more information about the safety exclusion zone but William Crooks, managing director said that, as an investigation is underway, no details could be provided.
Our own work with the amphibians of Chernobyl has also detected abundant populations across the exclusion zone, even on the more contaminated areas.
The report has stated regarding a subsequent expansion of populations of a whole range of plants and animals, thereby accounting for unprecedented biodiversity, which the exclusion zone has now become a sanctuary for, despite the severe immediate effect of the accident, which caused approximately 39,000 cancer deaths worldwide.
? Three-mile drone exclusion zones could be implemented around all UK airports in future including Hawarden Airport and Liverpool John Lennon Airport Image: @MurrayData / (c) Crown copyright
The restriction has now been lifted and dogs can roam anywhere on Saltburn and Redcar beaches until May 1, 2019, when the exclusion zones will come into force again until September 30.
An exclusion zone set up around the hotel next to Ayr station in the summer has been extended after contractors found crumbling roof areas.
James Appleby has been subject to an exclusion zone since killing taxi driver Tahlat Mahmood and 29-yearold dad-of-three Lee Till in a horror, 2011 crash in Fenton, Stoke.
The main observations raised through the consultation process included concerns that the exclusion zone could push the problem into residential areas, concerns over police and enforcement officer resources, support for drinking to be allowed on licensed premises, a need to acknowledge that there are some residents with substance misuse or addiction problems who pay not be able to pay a fine, and that the proposals would promote the town centres and help regeneration.
Firefighters yesterday tackled a blaze at a building in central London, the fire service said, setting up an exclusion zone around the site due to the presence of gas cylinders that risked exploding.
Newham Council said it was likely that all residents in the 214-metre exclusion zone will need to be evacuated before removal work starts.
Police said that the ordnance was found during pre-planned work at the airport early on Sunday, and set up a 214-metre exclusion zone around the device that evening.
The massive farm of solar panels would be built within the exclusion zone, a 1,000 square mile area that was deemed uninhabitable and unusable for most land uses like forestry or agriculture.