Exclamation Mark Hairs

A popular term for the short—3 mm in length—irregularly thickened and terminally dilated hairs with tapered proximal ends, which are characteristic of alopecia areata
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Exclamation mark hairs are absent and the hair pull test is negative (7).
In alopecia areata trichoscopy shows regularly distributed "yellow dots" (hyperkeratotic plugs), micro- exclamation mark hairs, and "black dots" (destroyed hairs in the hair follicle opening.
Such a hair is termed an exclamation mark hair because of the gradual thinning of the broken stub toward the base, which consists of an unpigmentedtelogen club.
Close examination of the hair shafts at the edge of the lesions, particularly exclamation mark hair, may reveal subtle defects in the structure and cuticle.