ex gratia

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ex gratia (eks′ grāˑ·shē·),

n a monetary payment to an aggrieved party from the accused party without an admission of wrongdoing.
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The amount of the ex gratia award does not appear to be proportional to the length of time the innocent individual spent incarcerated, although it may play a factor in whether or not an ex gratia payment is granted altogether.
The Next Steps Stolen Generations Reparation Scheme will involve a fund of up to $6 million for ex gratia payments for those members of the state s Aboriginal communities removed from their families, and whose usual place of residence was South Australia at the time of the separation.
Accordingly, we have reviewed our decision to void all in-running bets matched on the race and, in the interests of fairness, certain categories of voided bets will be compensated by way of ex gratia payments from Betfair.
But he stressed claims for ex gratia payments were separate to any possible compensation claims from veterans who say their health has suffered as a result of the tests.
It will see big pay rises for 3,900 low paid workers - mainly women - and in addition 2,600 workers have been offered ex gratia payments.
The legal action follows a row over ex gratia payments of 10,000 pounds ($14,500) each to former prisoners of war (POWs) or their widows, a scheme the British government announced last November, according to the Daily Telegraph.
And the concessionaires who go are getting a package beyond the contractual obligations including ex gratia payments and free periods.
Titherington has also failed to convince his own government to make ex gratia payments to himself and other members of his organization.
In total, the State made ex gratia payments worth over $54 million.
But M'lord Mandy (right) has ruled that 6,500 sufferers whose cases are on hold must be satisfied with pounds 5,000 ex gratia payments from the public purse - and no new claims will be allowed.
If heads and schools decide to use those funds to make ex gratia payments to reward teachers who are doing a lot more cover than their contractual requirement, that is certainly a practical way in which they could use the money.
He reminded that the present government has taken the initiative to introduce ex gratia payments to those who suffered injustices in the past, and explained that the Government is working towards guaranteeing a sustainable pension system in the long run.