Evil Eye

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A culture-bound symptom complex described in certain Mediterranean countries—e.g., Italy, where it is called malocchio—more common in children and adult women. Malocchio may stem from something as simple as a gesture of spite by a person looking another in the eye, cursing him/her
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There was no point in denying owt - the evil eye had seen me!
People around me get worried because recently I uploaded a picture of Inaaya on Instagram [and] they thought that she will catch the evil eye...
Many cultures believe that receiving the evil eye will cause misfortune, illness or even death.
The witchcraft woman brought A dragon from her body He read incantation and played role Stop that incantation speech Why you tell that words I heard that she is witch of India I did not read incantation of the Indian witch Do not join o, the enchanter Since your intent was clarified Evil eye:
The evil eye stems from the Greek theory that the eye can shoot rays that strike with harmful or deadly force.
The so-called healer promised the girl to remove the evil eye supposedly used by enviers against her family through the graveyard.
We just want to ensure that nobody casts an evil eye on the political rally," said a senior leader of the party.
Frontman Alex Kapranos exuded cool throughout the gig and there was room for new tracks, such as Evil Eye and Right Action.
Rev Felix Aubel, who is currently the minister of five Congregational chapels in rural Carmarthenshire, said he had come across witches, the use of effigies and the "evil eye" during his career.
"Why, what makes you think that we know anything about that?" Maria asked when I told her I was here to talk to her about her experiences with the evil eye. That was a bit of a shocking response.
But the truth is that many others do not even know what the evil eye is.
Most unpleasant names are given to babies because of the common belief that cute babies may be affected by the 'evil eye'.