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subtropical swamp area located in southern Florida.
Everglades virus - virus producing symptoms from mild influenza-like illness to encephalitis syndrome; found only in the state of Florida.
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She founded the organization Friends of the Everglades and quickly grew its membership into the thousands.
What many of these people don't realise is that the Everglades is actually a giant waterway, up to 60 miles wide and as shallow as six inches,' says Roark.
With an ideal subtropical climate and plenty to eat, the Burmese python thrives in the Everglades.
For Your Information) Florida Facts, with trivia questions, facts about the Everglades' National Park, photos of wildlife in the Everglades, and illustrations by Dawn McVay Baumer add to the enjoyment of the story.
Nathaniel is a seminal figure in the American conservation movement and a founding member of the Everglades Foundation.
Burmese pythons were first found in Florida in the 1980s but researchers blame Hurricane Andrew in 1992 for blowing more of them into the Everglades.
Disrupting the natural system has caused problems for the people of Florida too, because they rely on the Everglades for freshwater.
The SFWMD Everglades Restoration Project will enable the district to achieve Everglades' water quality standards as part of their long term plan to ensure that all waters discharging into the Everglades Protection Area are in full compliance with state water quality standards.
This is a stunning development," said David Guest, an attorney with the non-profit Earthjustice, which has worked for decades on Everglades restoration.
This course focuses on the Everglades National Park (ENP), examining not only the Everglades eco-system and the politics surrounding its conservation, but also literature and art about the Everglades, such as the photographs of Clyde Butcher and novels like Peter Matthiessen's Killing Mr.
Miami, FL -- NPCA's legal efforts in the Everglades have resulted in a clear victory for the fragile landscape that defines southern Florida.
The newly updated 4th edition of Bruce Morris' Adventure Guide Florida Keys & Everglades National Park is out, and any destination-bound Everglades traveler would do well to obtain a copy.

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