Eve Teasing

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A term used in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh for public sexual harassment or molestation of women by men, named after the biblical Eve. Eve teasing is no trivial matter and the stress it causes in its female victims has resulted in a number of high visibility suicides
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The records show that the number of eve teasing cases which were 251 in 2015 came down to 160 in 2016.
Usually, eve teasing is explained as unwanted sexual conduct that happens in public places.
Cet article cherche a contextualiser une forme particuliere de harcelement sexuel avec le nom d'eve teasing, subie par les adolescentes bangladeshies (12-18 ans), qui est apparue dans une etude sur le comportement sexuel a I'adolescence.
"Eve teasing" includes the entire spectrum of methods employed to harass women in public places.
For many women, just getting to work has been one of the most annoying, with men taunting or harassing them in what's known as "eve teasing." To make their commutes less stressful, the government has banned men from some trains, and eight Ladies Specials--commuter trains exclusively for women--are now running in India's four largest cities: New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Calcutta.
Eve teasing describes sexual harassment, airdash travelling by plane and felicitating people on their special day means Happy Birthday.
A noble step towards women empowerment by forging bond between police and women to address the problems of sexual exploitation, eve teasing and domestic violence which was conducted on August 25, 2018 in schools, colleges, public places and community of Bilaspur city, making the spectacular outreach of 50,033 selfies portraying women of all age groups clicking selfies with the police constables and officials," read the certificate to the Bilaspur Police.
"Eve teasing prevention teams would also be deployed in the areas," he said.
Priyadarshi says all matters of eve teasing are dealt with professionally.
I remember watching a documentary on Egypt highlighting the issue of eve teasing. I was taken aback by some visuals shown in the documentary.
She said women could not concentrate on shopping and demanded deployment of policewomen to check eve teasing.
Two years ago, a 16 year old boy was murdered by anti-socials when he protested against eve teasing of his elder sister.