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1. A mixture of metals wherein the metals are miscible in the liquid state but separate into two phases in the solid state, usually alternating fine layers of one phase over the other. The fusion temperature is lower than that of any of the components.
2. An alloy that freezes at a constant temperature; the lowest of the series.
[eu- + G. tēxis, a melting away]
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High-temperature fixed points in the range 1150[degrees]C to 2500[degrees]C using metal-carbon eutectics.
In this connection peculiarities of structure formation, morphology of eutectic, phase and chemical compositions of high speed steel R6M5 of electron beam remelting are investigated in this work.
In fact, under ideal conditions, it has only that melting point and no other melting points from the binary eutectics that also could be present in this solder volume.
During solidification, the eutectic with the lowest melting point is often surrounded by already-solidified particles from the eutectics with the higher melting points.
Lynes, CSO for Eutectics, Incorporated, "The convergence of telecommunications at the desktop is clearly happening in 2004.
Eutectics designs and manufactures USB Telephones, which significantly improve usability and audio performance to better support both business- and consumer-grade VoIP users.
As a result, the eutectic reaction is either liquid transforming to austenite and cementite at 2066F (1130C) or liquid transforming to austenite and graphite at 2074F (1135C).
By working with companies like Eutectics on product compatibility, we are easing the transition to this new class of communication services.
Since these eutectics are the last to solidify, they can be present in the cast iron structure as liquid surrounded by solid and can be drawn from thin sections to feed thick sections.