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1 a positive form of stress.
2 a balance between selfishness and altruism through which an individual develops the drive and energy to care for others.


A term that is sometimes used to refer to positive stress.


n beneficial stress; posi-tive emotions.


a stress which is beneficial to the animal.
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Positive stress, called eustress, can take the form of getting a new job with greater responsibilities.
Han Selye, noted that Eustress provides challenges that motivate individuals to work hard and meet their goals meanwhile Distress results from the stressful situations that persist over time and produces negative health outcomes (Landy, 2007;Sarita & Sonia, 2015).
Selye, sugirio que hay una diferencia entre eustress y distress, ya que lo que causa la sensacion de estres es la evaluacion o clasificacion del problema por parte del individuo, mas que el problema en si (Lazarus, 1996).
The biochemist, Hans Selye, labeled the stressors eustress (good stress) and distress (bad stress).
Although this is happy whining, there is still some stress involved, though it is eustress (good stress) rather than (bad stress).
The key consideration for employers such as airlines is to determine the tipping point of stress loads on employee positions and work to stay on the positive side known as eustress, rather than allowing employees to fall into the negative, or distress.
Despite the fact they are different, participants recognised the value of components of adventure therapy such as eustress (positive use of stress) (Alvarez & Stauffer, 2001), conscious use of metaphor (Bacon, 1983), challenge by choice and treating the group as an entity in itself (Walsh & Golins, 1976; Wasserburger, 2012).
Professor Lenard Levi discovered the differences in positive and negative stress, while Seyle coined the terms eustress and distress to distinguish between the types (Szabo, Tache, & Somogyi, 2012).
One of our goals is to promote learner eustress while diminishing distress during debriefing so they can assimilate comments from the reflecting team.
Female fans often report higher levels of family motivation while men report higher levels of eustress (i.