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Even within the physical confines of the initial, the illuminator, Frate Eustachio, reproduced the shell niche seen in the wood panel (Fig.
Caffe Sant' Eustachio, Piazza Sant Euslachio 82, 00186 Rome, Italy Tel: (39) 06688-02048, Fax: (39) 06688-02048, E-mail:, Web site:
During Barocci's second stay in Rome (1562), Cardinal Giulio's doctor, Battolomeo Eustachio, was called upon to aid an ailing S.
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Since Italian anatomist Bartolommeo Eustachio (1524-1574) first described the auditory tube (eustachian tube) in 1563, research has shown that it has three main functions: ventilation, protection, and clearance of the middle ear.
La seconda ipotesi mi sembra improbabile: Alfonso de' Liguori era una campione delle pratiche religiose di ispirazione gesuitica che Eustachio Degola avversava e per le quali il suo allievo Manzoni non sembra aver avuto un particolare apprezzamento.
He was born in Southbridge the son of Eustachio and Giovinna (Santelli) Smarelli.
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Eustachio, ruled in May 1331 that neither the gastalda nor the degane were allowed to admit any woman into the scuola or to record her name in the list without the assen t of the gastaldo and the degani.
Ida was born in Southbridge, MA, the daughter of the late Eustachio and Giovina (Santelli) Smarelli, and lived in Southbridge all of her life.
Almost lost in the overwhelming maze of treasures is the Piazza Sant Eustachio. This small relatively quiet piazza is unassuming, although it holds two points of interest to contemporary visitors: the dominating bulk of the Basilica Sant Eustachio which has stood here for a thousand years, and the very small espresso bar called Il Caffe Sant Eustachio, which has been here only since 1938 (although long enough to become famous in its own right).
Mary was born, August 7th 1916, in Worcester, one of eight children of Italian immigrants, Eustachio and Rose (Poeta) Davolio and has been a lifelong resident of Shrewsbury.