eustachian cushion

to·rus tu·ba·'ri·us

a ridge in the nasopharyngeal wall posterior to the opening of the pharyngotympanic (auditory) tube, caused by the projection of the cartilaginous portion of this tube.
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Bartolommeo E., Italian anatomist, 1524-1574.
eustachian catheter - a catheter used for catheterization of the middle ear through the eustachian tube.
eustachian cushion - a ridge in the nasopharyngeal wall posterior to the opening of the eustachian tube. Synonym(s): torus tubarius
eustachian tonsil - a collection of lymphoid nodules near the pharyngeal opening of the auditory tube. Synonym(s): tubal tonsil
eustachian tube - a tube leading from the tympanic cavity to the nasopharynx. Synonym(s): auditory tube; tuba eustachiana; tuba eustachii
eustachian tuber - a slight projection from the labyrinthine wall of the middle ear below the fenestra vestibuli (ovalis).
eustachian valve - an endocardial fold extending from the anterior inferior margin of the inferior vena cava to the anterior part of the limbus fossa ovalis. Synonym(s): valve of inferior vena cava
tuba eustachiana - Synonym(s): eustachian tube
tuba eustachii - Synonym(s): eustachian tube
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Nasopharyngeal fiberscope revealed a little swelling of Eustachian cushion on the left side.
(22) Ormerod has described a tuberculous infiltration of the Eustachian cushion as occurring in some cases (23) a minority of cases appear to be due to a blood-borne infection.