Smith, Eustace

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Eustace, English physician, 1835-1914.
Eustace Smith sign - Synonym(s): Smith sign
Smith sign - indicates presence of enlarged bronchial glands if murmur can be auscultated over manubrium when patient's neck is in full extension. Synonym(s): Eustace Smith sign
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Control of the company came to Eustace Smith in 1882, who began a new period of expansion at North Shields in 1891, under the title of Smith's Dock Co Ltd.
The contest was played out against the backdrop of the scandal of a national divorce court case involving the prominent Liberal Sir Charles Dilke and the family of the sitting Liberal MP for Tynemouth Thomas Eustace Smith.
Another to note is the Len Lungo-trained Phar Echo in the John Eustace Smith Novices' Handicap Chase (3.00).
North Tyneside Council's Deputy Mayor Coun Jim Allan said: "These buildings are an important part of our history along with the church and were funded by Thomas Eustace Smith one of the originators of the Smith's Dock Company, which has enormous significance for the area.