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Eustace, English physician, 1835-1914.
Eustace Smith sign - Synonym(s): Smith sign
Smith sign - indicates presence of enlarged bronchial glands if murmur can be auscultated over manubrium when patient's neck is in full extension. Synonym(s): Eustace Smith sign
References in classic literature ?
It was Eustace who had driven him to his shack in the woods.
It was Wrench's custom to speak of Eustace in a tone of restrained disgust.
The only calm occupant of the room was Eustace himself, who, either through a shortage of ammunition or through weariness of the pitching-arm, had suspended active hostilities, and was now looking down on the scene from a high shelf.
It had escaped the notice of those present that the shelf on which the rioter had taken refuge was within comfortable reach of the dresser, but Eustace himself had not overlooked this important strategic point.
A short time ago, I was favored with a flying visit from my young friend Eustace Bright, whom I had not before met with since quitting the breezy mountains of Berkshire.
Eustace very frankly called the view from my hill top tame; and so, no doubt, it was, after rough, broken, rugged, headlong Berkshire, and especially the northern parts of the county, with which his college residence had made him familiar.
I doubt whether Eustace did not internally pronounce the whole thing a bore, until I led him to my predecessor's little ruined, rustic summer house, midway on the hillside.
Better chosen, and better handled," replied Eustace Bright.
They have been pleading with me, Eustace, to give you up.
Being asked to explain this extraordinary communication, Eustace had told us that his mother and his sisters were bent on his marrying another lady, and that they were bitterly mortified and disappointed by his choosing a stranger to the family.
Eustace relieved me from further embarrassment by asking a question to which I could easily reply.
Eustace Woodville is quite correct in stating to you that he is a gentleman by birth and position, and that he inherits (under his deceased father's will) an independent fortune of two thousand a year.