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environmental control unit



An electronic device that remotely controls home climate (e.g., heating, air conditioning), security (e.g., lighting, door locks, drapes), and communication devices (telephone, television). ECUs are often, but not exclusively, used by persons with functional limitations.
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Loans denominated in European currency units (ECUs).
The second great American myth is that somehow, after 1992, all will be different - that an economically integrated "United States of Europe" will emerge as one marketplace, where everybody will speak English and deal in European Currency Units, and differences will be as skin-deep as the differences in sales taxes and regulatory issues between North American states.
The total value of fish imported by Europeans through the first three quarters of 1990 was 12.25 billion in European Currency Units, which were convertible to a dollar value between $1.21 and $1.38 for the period.

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