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Albert, German neurologist, 1840-1917. See: Eulenburg disease.
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The Writings of Erik Satie (London: Eulenburg Books, 1980), 20-21.
On the transnational dimensions of the Harden-Moltke-Eulenburg scandals, see Norman Dormeier, The Eulenburg Affair: A Cultural History of Politics in the German Empire, trans.
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4) These scandals include, for example, Oscar Wilde's trial (1895), the Eulenburg Affair (1906-08), and the Bulow-Brand trial (1907).
Having witnessed the Franco-Russian demonstration, the influential diplomat Friedrich von Holstein told the Kaiser's close friend Philipp zu Eulenburg that the international fleet review would probably cause more damage than anything else.
O conceito e o termo "homossexual" difundiram-se ainda mais gracas ao affaire-Eulenburg, ao longo dos anos 1907-1909, em que o primo e conselheiro do Kaiser Guilherme II, o Principe Felipe de Eulenburg, foi chantageado por um jornalista judaico, Maximilian Harden, que tinha descoberto as suas tendencias homossexuais.
Schmidt (Boston), and Eulenburg (Leipzig); and Pearl Curran (42), whose hugely popular sacred and sentimental art songs such as "Life" were performed regularly and widely by the top singers of the clay, including Caruso.
Homosexuality was a primary focus of interest in both sexology and psychoanalysis and Freud's library includes texts by Ulrichs, Hirshfeld, Block, Eulenburg, Krauss, Rohleder, Carpenter and Ellis, all early pioneers in the study of homosexuality.
The widely used translation into English by William Mitchell, as Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments (New York: Norton, 1949; London: Eulenburg, 1974), and the facsimile reprint with added matter from the 1787 and 1797 Leipzig editions of Parts 1 and 2 respectively, edited by Wolfgang Horn for Barenreiter (Kassel and Basel, 1994), representing a distinct improvement on Lothar Hoffmann-Erbrecht's facsimile edition for Breitkopf (1957), are now joined by the modern edition forming Series VII of CW.
Ahora bien, la popularidad de la homosexualidad en Europa se pudo constatar con el escandalo publico que denunciaba al principe Philiph von Eulenburg y al militar Kuno von Moltke como dos homosexuales "[.
A number of political and sexual scandals--such as the Eulenburg and Krupp affairs--contributed to his phenomenon.