Euglena gracilis

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Eu·gle·na grac·'i·lis

an abundant species sometimes used in assaying vitamin B12 concentrations of serum and urine in various types of anemia.
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The BetaVia product line offers a new, patented standard in immune support using Euglena gracilis microalgae.
According to a paper on the research, users draw patterns on a touchscreen over a magnified view of light-sensitive Euglena gracilis. The user's drawing is then projected onto the microorganisms as light beams, which the cells sense and respond to by changing their swimming motion and pattern.
Rapid ecotoxicological bioassay of nickel and cadmium using motility and photosynthetic parameters of Euglena gracilis. Environ.
Using the green flagellate Euglena gracilis Klebs as physiological dosimeter: is a long-term bioassay more significant than a short-term one?
cardunculus against the genotoxicity of ofloxacin and acridine orange (AO) in the Euglena gracilis assay.
Purification and characterization of a riboflavin-binding protein from flagella of Euglena gracilis. Photochem.
Euglena gracilis responded to the oxygen concentration gradient by swimming toward higher concentrations of [O.sub.2] [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].