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Eugenicist Frederick Osborn, reflecting on his association with Sanger over the decades, aptly concludes that "Birth control and abortion are turning out to be great eugenic advances of our time.
Indeed, influential German eugenicists looked with envy at the gains wrought by U.
10) Julian usually reserved talk of sterilization for the subject of "mental defectives," rather than discussing it in relation to the lower classes as many mainstream eugenicists did, but some of his suggestions bordered on the totalitarian.
24) On eugenicists at the fair, see Alexandra Minna Stern, Eugenic Nation: Faults and Frontiers of Better Breeding in Modern America (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2005); Matthew F.
Morphing the emphasis from negative to positive, eugenicists were able to reach more people, more often women, under the auspices of "family planning" and "reproductive morality.
White's own admission) is that Nazis and other eugenicists draw certain of their principles from Darwin's teaching.
12) Essentially, eugenicists believed that encouraging those with desirable traits to marry and reproduce, while preventing carriers tainted with undesirable traits from procreating could result in a reduction of socially problematic behaviors.
For the eugenicists, the gene was not a site of knowledge but of discourse.
Although the eugenicists "advocated compulsory sterilization for criminals, sex deviants, and the feebleminded," (1) many poor women were sterilized for the simple or flimsy reason as "being considered [too] lazy or [too] promiscuous.
What I initially thought was a potential means by which government agencies and eugenicists could harvest and misuse people's genetic code, I eventually saw as a powerful tool to delve deeper into the cultural diversity of my African ancestry.
Prior to the era of hormonal contraception, eugenicists hoped to shape society by altering the reproductive capacities of certain kinds of women and men.
Thank goodness, we were scrofula-free, and came down from the antique nobles, so the family eugenicists might relax.