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jambul (jäm·bl),

n Latin name:
Syzygium cuminii; parts used: fruit, seeds, leaves; uses: diarrhea, diabetes mellitus; precautions: none known. Also called
black plum, jamba, jambolana, jambolo, jambool, jambula, jambulon plum, or
java plum.
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Administration of MTEC - a formulated herbal drug containing aqueous-methanol extract of Musa paradisiaca, Tamarindus indica, Eugenia jambolana, and Coccinia indica has been shown to protect testicular dysfunctions in STZ-induced diabetic rat (Mallick, C.
Protective effect of Eugenia jambolana seed kernel on tissue antioxidants in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.
Asteraceae Baccharis pseudotenuifolia DC Carqueja Baccharis platypoda DC Carqueja Leguninosae Bauhinia forficata Link Pata-de-vaca Myrtaceae Eugenia jambolana Lamark Jambolao Eugenia uniflora L.