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Louis A., U.S. dermatologist, 1845-1913. See: Duhring disease.
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Eugen Duhring is an unusual subject for the sixth chapter of a book on pessimism since Beiser's central argument therein starts and concludes with his being the archoptimist.
There is Engels' Anti-Duhring (1877), his polemic against Professor Eugen Duhring (early in his career Engels had written an Anti-Schelling (1841) as well), Nietzsche's The Antichrist (1888), Deleuze and Guattari's Anti-Oedipus (1974) and, more recently, Malcolm Bull's Anti-Nietzsche (2011).
Schoeps, speak of the pernicious influence exercised by antisemitic pamphleteers (Eugen Duhring in Germany and Edouard Drumont in France) who produced a climate of hate against Jews.