Marey, Etienne Jules

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Étienne Jules, French physiologist, 1830-1904.
Marey law - the pulse rate varies inversely with the blood pressure.
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Researchers at the Etienne Jules Marey Institute of Movement Sciences in France realised two very different birds have a useful technique to help tackle the issue.
Tras la repercusion internacional de la famosa secuencia del galope del caballo realizada por Eadweard Muybridge en 1878, el reconocido fisiologo Etienne Jules Marey decidio aplicar la nueva tecnica a sus estudios sobre el vuelo de los animales, dentro del contexto mas amplio de la investigacion sobre locomocion aerea.
Rather than simply connect stereoscopy to current cinematic articulations of 3-D, Belisle turns to the works of Eadweard Muybridge and Etienne Jules Marey to show how, taken together, their motion-study experiments can be seen as functioning like a hinge that connects stereoscopy and photography to cinema.