Ethnic Cleansing

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A form of genocide in which one population group systematically kills another, often within the borders of its own country—e.g., the killing of Muslims in the former Yugoslavia, or Kurds in Iraq—based on differences in ethnic origin. Ethnic cleansing is often regarded as synonymous with genocide, but is defined as forced deportation or population transfer, which often escalates to genocide. The escalation point is sometimes called murderous ethnic cleaning
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In another regional case, Israel has savagely attacked Lebanese and Palestinian lands, killed thousands, imprisoned thousands more, colonized and ethnically cleansed Palestinian lands, and laid siege to Gaza to the point where children's growth is stunted due to a lack of sufficient nutrition.
"Do it somewhere where there are still significant numbers of English and British people and they haven't been ethnically cleansed from their own country."
But yes, another reason is that some Sunni neighborhoods are walled off, and other Sunni areas have been ethnically cleansed. In addition, the Shiite death squads, in addition to killing a lot of innocents, also killed some of the car bomb guys, I am told.
It is not new in Northern Ireland, in not only so-called militant Catholic and Protestant bombers, but also in religious parades wherein one group celebrates victory by denigrating another with the refrain that "God is with us but not with you." It's not new for Armenian Christians, over a million of whom were massacred by Muslim Turks; just as it's not new for Bosnian Muslims in being ethnically cleansed by some Chosin among the so-called Christian Serbs, who described themselves as Chosen in defending Christianity against Islam.
During the war the Serbs ethnically cleansed Muslims from the town and set up a concentration camp nearby.
The chapter "Ghosts" describes Turks' refusal to acknowledge the Armenian genocide in 1915, when Ottoman troops and irregulars ethnically cleansed eastern Anatolia of Armenians after repulsing a Russian invasion that Armenians had supported.
Several ethnically cleansed states and areas have been established and today receive extensive international assistance, while Serbia, the most multinational society, with 26 nationalities living peacefully together, is exposed to the punishment of the western world.
Speaking of Milosevic, Lord Carrington added: "I don't think he is any more a war criminal than President Tudjman of Croatia who ethnically cleansed 200,000 Serbs out of Krajina.
This character - played by Gabrielle Carteris, who is Greek - is in fact a decoy, set up as the scholarly Semitic foil to the blonde, bob-nosed Tori, who emerges, by contrast, ethnically cleansed.
It all started when Yair Netanyahu, the son of the recently re-elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, posted a tweet from a Palestinian village that was ethnically cleansed of its Palestinian inhabitants by Haganah, Irgun and Lehi -- Zionist groups that are widely considered terrorist organizations -- between 1947 and 1948.
Her memories of her village near Haifa, which was ethnically cleansed by Israel in 1948, terrified them.