code of ethics

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code of ethics

a statement encompassing the set of rules based on values and the standards of conduct to which practitioners of a profession are expected to conform. See also Code for Nurses, Hippocratic Oath.
A formalised standard of professional conduct

code of ethics

A summary (sometimes in written form) of a profession's values and standards of conduct.
See also: code


1. a set of rules governing one's conduct. Called also ethical code.
2. a system by which information can be communicated.
3. a set of alphabetical or numerical markers which are an index to a much larger bank of information.

code of ethics
see code of ethics.
genetic code
the arrangement of nucleotides in the polynucleotide chain of a chromosome that governs the transmission of genetic information to proteins, i.e. determines the sequence of amino acids in the polypeptide chain making up each protein synthesized by the cell. See also genetic code.
code of practice/conduct
a document produced by an authoritative body to provide a guide to people in their conduct relative to, for example, animal welfare, or their practice, for example, in the housing and feeding of pigs. It is the sort of document that is used when testing in a practical situation rules which are planned to be included in subsequent legislation.


rules or principles which govern right conduct. Each practitioner, upon entering a profession, is invested with the responsibility to adhere to the standards of ethical practice and conduct set by the profession.

code of ethics
the written rules of ethics.
veterinary ethics
the values and guidelines governing decisions in veterinary practice.
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According to Section 7(a) of the ethics code, public officials and employees shall not, directly or indirectly, have any financial or material interest in any transaction requiring the approval of their office.
53) also signaled their intention to enforce the city ethics code by
Former FIFA vice-president Chung Mong-Joon from Korea was banned for six years in October for ethics code breaches that he said related to matters such as duty of disclosure, and confidentiality.
The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying [NCEES], the American Society of Mechanical Engineers [ASME] and the National Society of Professional Engineers [NSPE] all have written far more specific ethics codes.
Now the helpline will be opened up to all that wish to express a concern related to our Ethics Code of Conduct, how we do business or how we meet legal requirements.
Those principles must be embodied in a formalized ethics code (Checklist Items 1 and 2).
Public Protector Thuli Madonsela said that the president had inappropriately benefited from South African state funding but added that he done so by mistake, rather than intentionally violating the ethics code of his office.
If you're an SEC-registered investment advisor, you must adopt your own ethics code as prescribed by SEC Rule 204A-1.
It is sad the officials are not following the ethics code prescribed by the IOC.
clinical psychologists, social workers, or psychiatric nurse practitioners), we will refer to the American Psychological Association (2010; APA) Ethics Code in this article, as we consider the critical thinking process a psychologist BHC might apply to the Dr.
Rolls-Royce said in a statement that it had "significantly strengthened" its compliance procedures in recent years, including the establishment of a new ethics code, but took a further step recently with the announcement that it will appoint an "independent senior figure" to review its compliance regime and report to the board's ethics committee.

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