Ethical Imperialism

The imposition on one society of solutions culturally appropriate to another society, with the pretence that the solutions imposed represent ethical absolutes
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Ethical Imperialism: Institutional Review Boards and the Social Sciences 1965-2009 (reprint, 2010)
In the past few years, several ethnographies brought to light the inconsistencies of REB decision-making, each one bearing an evocative title: Ethical Imperialism (Schrag 2010), The Seduction of Ethics (van den Hoonaard 2011), Behind Closed Doors (Stark 2012), and Academic Python (Whitney and Schneider, in process).
Ethical imperialism; institutional review boards and the social sciences 1965-2009.
At the ends of the continuum are two different perspectives, ethical imperialism and cultural relativism.
If one embraces ethical imperialism, then the ethical standards that exist in one's home country should be applied to activities conducted in other countries or on the Internet.
In recent years a few activists have successfully demanded that the ethical standards that evolved in developed countries be applied without flexibility to research everywhere -- a policy some Africans called ethical imperialism. Now the consequences -- sometimes no research at all -- are here.
In addition, and perhaps more so in the case of cross-cultural research, team members must grapple with the notion of ethical imperialism.(23) Are ethics absolute and universally applicable across cultures or are ethical standards relative?
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Whether or not this ethical imperialism was a Dutch prerogative is debatable.
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