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Abbreviation for:
early intervention program
early intervention in psychosis, see there 
extensor indicis proprius
electrical impedance plethysmography
Emerging Infections Program
esophageal intramural pseudodiverticulosis
extrinsic incubation period


(poz) [L. pausa fr Gr. pausis, a stop, halt.]
An interruption; a temporary cessation of activity.

compensatory pause

The long interval following a premature ventricular contraction, so called because it does not disturb the normal sinus pacing of the heart.

end-inspiratory pause

Abbreviation: EIP
The brief, normal period of breath-holding between inhalation and exhalation.

noncompensatory pause

The interval on the electrocardiogram that follows a premature atrial contraction (PAC). Because PACs reset the sinus pacemaker, the next sinus beat does not appear when it would have if there had been no extra beat.

sinus pause

An interruption in the normal pacemaking function of the sinus (sinoatrial) node of the heart, resulting in a decrease in the number of heartbeats per minute. When sinus pauses are rare, the condition may be asymptomatic. When they occur frequently, patients may note palpitations or experience loss of consciousness.

end-inspiratory pause

Abbreviation: EIP
The brief, normal period of breath-holding between inhalation and exhalation.
See also: pause


(pleth?iz-mog'ra-fe) [Gr. plethysmos, an increase, multiplication + -graphy]
The use of or an examination with a plethysmograph to record the changes in volume of an organ or extremity.

air displacement plethysmography

A technique for measuring body composition (body volume and percentage of body fat) that relies on the relative volume and pressure of gas displaced by the body when it is placed inside a plethysmograph.

electrical impedance plethysmography

Abbreviation: EIP
Impedance cardiography.
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