Ether Dome

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The surgical theater at the Massachusetts General Hospital where, on October 16, 1846, the first public operation under ether anesthesia was performed
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Warren was the first dean of Harvard Medical School and the theatre was later named the Ether Dome.
The Russell Museum will also introduce the visitor to a "distributed museum" at MGH--the many other areas on the hospital campus that focus on current research or highlight hospital history, such as the original operating theater known as the Ether Dome in the Bulfinch Building.
ITS SETTING MAY BE 19TH-CENTURY NEW England, but Elizabeth Egloff's new play Ether Dome is as fresh as last second's Twitter feed.
It includes the USS Constitution and World War II battleships, the Tremont Street subway tunnel, the Boston Public Garden and Mount Auburn Cemetery, the Ether Dome at Massachusetts General Hospital, Revere Beach reservation and harbor lighthouses.
Hoffmann in Under the Ether Dome, "is a process that is haphazard more than deliberate, more felt than seen, and it progresses almost imperceptibly" (p.
One of the places we will be seeing is the Ether Dome of Mass General (Hospital), the first surgery to use ether as an anesthetic," said Frank Streeter, church member.