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Phoenician deity of vegetation who castrated himself to avoid the advances of the goddess Astronae.
Eshmun complex - autocastration. Synonym(s): genital self-mutilation
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Rather like the offerings for Hariti, the type has an older Phoenician history of child-sacrifices at tophets, harking back to the older cult that called upon the protective powers of Eshmun (the tutelary god of Sidon in Lebanon, and the god of healing).
Last year in Sidon, Ambassador Elizabeth Richard inaugurated a completed AFCP project at the Temple of Eshmun, a US Embassy press release indicated Saturday.
Minunno ends this mythological exploration by alluding to the connection of the Phoenician god of healing, Eshmun, with birds and children.
They also visited the city's soap museum and old souks, and the Eshmun Temple ruin compound.
Outras fontes mencionam o seu festival anual, que traz semelhancas a cultos analogos de divindades que morrem e renascem (por exemplo, Adonis e Eshmun).
En el monte de la Concepcion habia un templo dedicado a Asklepios, el Eshmun semita, y los montes Sacro y de Despenaperros se asociaban a Kronos/ Saturno y a Hephaistos/Vulcano, los punicos Baal Hammon y Kusor, respectivamente.
En la mitologia fenicia, Eshmun, referido como un ser incomparablemente bello, fue visto por la diosa Astronoe mientras se encontraba de caza, y ella se prendo a el apasionadamente.
With his generals gathered around the rubble of the Temple of Eshmun, where the defeated king had so recently had his thumbs and great toes lopped off, Scipio hailed me as "Brave Oppius," and to a bystander, his words might have rung sincere.