Gynecology An estrogen replacement system for managing vasomotor Sx of menopause, Sx of vulval/vaginal atrophy, and treat hypoestrogenism due to hypogonadism, castration, or primary ovarian failure. See Hormone replacement therapy.
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Esclim new prescriptions for the 14 weeks after the halting of the combination hormone replacement therapy phase of the Women's Health Initiative trial in early July 2002 were 38% greater than during the 14 weeks leading up to the halting of the trial.
Approved in 20 countries, Esclim was studied in 20 clinical trials in more than 2,400 women.
Further, we are downsizing our Women's Health Division and narrowing our focus to those territories which can profitably detail Esclim and Vaniqa to the OB/GYN community.
Ortho-Est Tablets and Esclim are indicated for the relief of moderate to severe vasomotor symptoms associated with menopause.
According to data supplied by NDC Health, the average new and total prescription counts for Esclim for the ten weeks since the WHI trial was halted increased 34% and 22%, respectively, over the average counts for the ten-week period prior to the halting of the trial.
Efficacy and safety of low, standard, and high dosages of an estradiol transdermal system (Esclim) compared with placebo on vasomotor symptoms in highly symptomatic menopausal patients: The Esclim Study Group.
Women First markets Esclim exclusively in the United States under a distribution and licensing agreement with Laboratoires Fournier S.
Women First expects the agreement will enhance revenue opportunities for Esclim and improve its ability to contract with managed care organizations.
Pelletier, Women First vice president -- pharmaceuticals, "We believe in the benefits of Esclim, which have made it the fastest growing estrogen patch in the marketplace.
Calesa, chairman and CEO of Women First, "Women First is in the enviable position of having two flagship brands, Esclim and Vaniqa.
The success of our relatively small sales force in creating demand for Esclim is the focus of analysis for future activity.