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A gene on chromosome 1p22 that encodes a protein which contains a caspase recruitment domain (CARD); it induces apoptosis, activates NF-kappaB and interacts with other CARD domain proteins (e.g., CARD9, 10, 11 and 14), which are thought to act as upstream regulators in NF-kappaB signalling.

Molecular pathology
BCL10 protein product forms a complex with MALT1, a protein encoded by a gene that is translocated in MALT lymphoma and together activate NF-kappaB; deregulation of either BCL10 or MALT1 may lead to MALToma.


Cryoablative reduction of menstruation Gynecology A procedure for treating abnormal uterine bleeding


Canadian Rural Medicine Network.
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In the vocally better-balanced and better-acting second cast, the debuting French mezzo Clementine Margaine made a suitably alluring Carmen opposite the suitably intense Don Jose of David Pomeroy, the attractive Micaela of Karine Boucher and the dashing Escamillo of Zachary Nelson.
Also appearing are Adele ONeill as Micaela, Gavin Davies as Escamillo, Maggie Small as Mercedes and Richard Lee Thomas as Morales.
Interestingly, the rerelease seems to have triggered a more positive reappraisal of what is undeniably a very theatrical performance with a distinguished cast (James McCracken is Don Jose, Tom Krause is Escamillo).
Imposing Paul Whelan made for an Escamillo with plenty of pizzazz as he plays the Andalucian version of a Beckham with swooning gals and adoring men.
As the flamboyant Escamillo Stephen Gadd didn't really strut enough, and his Toreador's Song, like several of the big numbers in this integrated ensemble production, was sung almost nonchalantly.
And Escamillo." I concur: there's always an opening for a handsome Francophone torero out there.
She will be joined by James Cleverton who made his international opera debut in 2001 as Escamillo for the Spier Opera Festival in South Africa.
David Curry, appealing and tortured, did as much for the wet-behind-the-ears Don Jose as anyone can, and the dignified Matthew Hargreaves made the toreador Escamillo a much more rounded character than this small-town superstar normally appears.
Gregory Dahl sang and acted the role of the Escamillo with strength and virility, if not with much subtlety, and Jessica Strong was lyrically sweet as Micaela, if with a slight tendency toward a fluttery vibrato.
James made his international opera deput in 2001 as Escamillo for the Spier Opera Festival in South Africa.
It is with CNO (for which he has been a soloist since 1990) that British audiences have admired Petru Racovita's highly charismatic and stylish stage presence in roles such as Figaro (Mozart's Marriage of Figaro) and Escamillo (Bizet's Carmen).
Oozing machismo from every pore, Morgan Smith surged onstage amid a bevy of female admirers as Escamillo, though he was not all bluster and bravado.