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The 2-keto analogue of erythrose; the only ketotetrose.
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com), uses natural Erythrulose from cane sugar instead of DHA - the usual active ingredient - so you don't get that fake tan smell, while ESPA Naturally Gradual Tan, PS34 (espaskincare.
com), uses natural erythrulose from cane sugar instead of DHA - so you don't get that fake tan smell, while ESPA Naturally Gradual Tan, PS34 (www.
The active ingredients that cause tanning to occur, dihydroxyacetone and erythrulose, are chemicals with very unpleasant odors," warns Brattin.
Luckily, this organic brand have just launched the first DHA-free tan, which uses an odourless alternative, erythrulose.
Some tanners have an added chemical, erythrulose, which, it is claimed, makes a tan last slightly longer.
Erythrulose, a self-tanning agent which promotes a deep, even and natural long-lasting tan; and
Examples include Erythrulose for self-tanning; Syn-Ake, an anti-wrinkle synthetic tripeptide; and Vialox, a highly effective topical alternative to botox injections, which works against expression lines.
Formulated with a variety of moisturizing ingredients as well as the erythrulose and DHA found in sunless tanners, Natural Glow offers the dual benefits of keeping skin hydrated and providing a tanned appearance.
gly-3P appeared enzymatically converted to DHAP in blood spots, and it is suggested that ery-4P could be converted to erythrulose 4-phosphate by the enzyme erythrose 4-phosphate isomerase (EC 5.
99) Lofty claims: A new moisturising formula that includes a combination of Erythrulose and DHA to provide a natural, long-lasting tan.