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erythrosin (ərith´rosēn),

n a red dye used to reveal plaque deposits on teeth; administered in both tablet and liquid form. See also disclosing solution.
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Given the ADIs and estimated environmental concentrations, low absorption rates such as 1% could still result in body burdens in the nanomolar to micromolar range for erythrosin B and tartrazine.
The adverse effects reported by others coupled with the chemical similarities among tartrazine, sudan I, erythrosin B, and estradiol-17[beta] (E2) (Fig.
Porcine insulin, EDTA, charcoal-dextran, E2 (E8875-IG), tamoxifen (T5648-1G), tartrazine (T0388-100G), erythrosin B (E9259-5G) and sudan I (103624-25G) were purchased from Sigma-Aldrich, St.
After 24 h, the medium was changed to phenol red-free RPMI 1640 supplemented with 5% CS-FBS and 2% AbAm and either control (vehicle only), E2, tartrazine, erythrosin B, or sudan I (0.
Proliferative Effect of Tartrazine, Erythrosin B, and Sudan I in T47D Cells--Cell proliferation assays measure the proliferative effect of estrogen or xenoestrogens on estrogen-responsive cells in a hormone-stripped medium (Soto et al.
Difference in Proliferative Effect of Tartrazine, Erythrosin B, and Sudan I in Presence of Antagonist Tamoxifen (1 [micro]M) in T47D Cells--Tamoxifen competitively binds to ER in the presence of E2 or its analogues and inhibits cell proliferation in breast cancer cells (Jordan et al.
Colorimetric micromethod for protein determination with Erythrosin B.