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An error—errata is the plural—identified in a printed periodical which indicates that a substantial error was identified in the work
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For the purposes of this study, we defined an erratum as a published notice correcting an error (or errors) in a previously published journal article [1].
Erratum to "Comparison of prey-derived and non-insect supplements on egg-laying of Orius insidiosus maintained on artificial diet as adults" [Biol.
On the same day the joint statement was released, the AHA released an erratum to its scientific statement, Dr.
ERRATUM: In the August 2007 story, "Abandoned Chemical Weapons Pose Continual Threat," on page 30, it was incorrectly reported that during World War II, the Germans bombed an American ship in Bari Harbor, Italy, with mustard bombs.
Erratum to "Offsetting Behavior and the Benefits of Safety Regulation," by John C.
Erratum: I wish to point out that because of a miscommunication with Energy, I put a notation on the graphs they supplied that indicated the graphs were not accurate below 40 Hz.
Erratum to February 2006, Volume 84 NUMBER 1 Table Of Contents.
Bright is indebted to Alan Neal at partner at law firm Morton Fisher in Halesowen for sending in the 'Erratum notice' to enlighten us.
Erratum: In the previous issue of the JSH (32 #3) Thomas R.
NIB emailed an erratum stating that the transcription titled 'Interview with President Rodrigo Roa Duterte by Deo Macalma and Rica Herrera over dzRH on March 19, 2018' should have read 'Interview with Impersonator of President Rodrigo R.
I respectfully request issuance of an erratum on the said article for reason that I am not responsible of the statement quoted.
For the former, NLM requires the publication of an erratum notice so that the publication history is transparent for all users.